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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Statement

Inspired, engaged and motivated students mean stronger communities and brighter futures. That’s why Varsity Brands elevates student experiences.
And we know doing that successfully means every person must feel safe, included, and seen.

We unambiguously reject discrimination in all its forms and support equality and inclusion.

Varsity Brands is guided in this journey by fostering and investing in a culture that respects and values inclusion. We will listen and we will learn. We will reject the status quo and assume nothing along the way.

And then, empowered with new insights and compassion, we will be purposeful and effective change agents, champions and leaders.
Talent We are heightening our focus on diverse candidate slates for open positions and tracking statistics as they relate to representation, hiring and attrition.
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Content Calendar Our year-long D&I content calendar is focused on educating our workforce on important heritage months & cultural days of celebration.
Survey We routinely survey employees to understand how our employees feel about their current well-being and our culture.
Training As we continue  on our Inclusion journey, we provide training for our team members on a variety of topics including: Anti-discrimination, microaggressions and diversity sensitivity.
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Advisory Councils Varsity Brands is committed to providing an inclusive work environment for all. To support this, we've launched Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Councils at each of our divisions with the following mission:

Improve diversity and inclusion understanding within Varsity Brands by promoting dialogue, sharing ideas and information, collaborating and implementing diversity initiatives and fostering an enviornment of respect and inclusion for all team members and customers.
WERC- Women Empowering Real Change Varsity Brands currently has a resource group that is devoted to women's development in the workplace. WERC’s mission is to engage, empower and connect women across our company to help inspire them to dream, grow and lead in their careers. Members are invited to company and division-specific discussion groups and events where individuals can share knowledge, advice and opportunities. Featured events include guest speakers, book or podcast reviews, discussions on articles, and other relevant business topics. While WERC’s focus will be on women’s development, all Varsity Brands team members, regardless of gender, are encouraged to join.