Customer Service
Whether working directly with customers or our network of independent sales partners, Varsity Brands' customer service teams go the extra mile to ensure that everyone who works with us is cared for and given the resources they need.
Learn All P​​​​​​​arts of the Business
As a customer service representative, you will have a unique view to see all aspects of the company by interacting with stakeholders from every part of Varsity Brands.
Be a Brand Ambass​​​​​​​ador
Your work as a customer service rep will help tell the story of who we are as Varsity Brands. Through internal and external customer interactions, you share the mission of Elevating Student Experiences daily.
Partner with Sales Lead​​​​​​​ers
Build relationships with inside and outside sales partners and help them problem solve with creative solutions to whatever they may experience.

Meet Varsity Brands Team Members

Rita Kaleri, BSN SPORTS
I love customer service in all forms. I enjoy helping and adding my special touch to all that I do, and I love the sense of achievement knowing that I made their day easier!
Contact Center Specialist, BSN SPORTS