At Varsity Brands, we are surrounded by a passionate group of team players who are laser-focused on transforming the industry through SPORT, SPIRIT and ACHIEVEMENT.

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​​​​​​​We welcome all. We respect all. We include all.

Our focused diversity and inclusion journey, at its core, underscores the importance of one of our core values: respect. We believe deeply that everyone deserves respect and intentional efforts are being made to ensure that all perspectives are included in the various aspects of our business. Respect also plays a key role in delivering on our mission. The customers and students we serve come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Therefore, understanding and respecting our differences help us better serve our customers and deliver on our mission to elevate student experiences. 

Employee Engagement


WERC- Women Empowering Real Change

​​​​Varsity Brands currently has a resource group that is devoted to women's development in the workplace. WERC’s mission is to engage, empower and connect women across our company to help inspire them to dream, grow and lead in their careers. Members are invited to company and division-specific discussion groups and events where individuals can share knowledge, advice and opportunities. Featured events include guest speakers, book or podcast reviews, discussions on articles, and other relevant business topics. While WERC’s focus will be on women’s development, all Varsity Brands team members, regardless of gender, are encouraged to join.

BSN SPORTS - Earn the "C"

The "Earn The C" is awarded by BSN SPORTS President Terry Babilla to employees who demonstrate servant leadership through tireless dedication to our customers and the community at large. Anyong earning the "C" puts others before themselves. These captains go above and beyond the call of duty to educate, advise and partner with coaches and administrators they serve every day.

Varsity Spirit- Culture Club

Company culture is everything to us at Varsity Spirit. Our employees share a passion for creating memorable experiences for our customers and for each other. The Varsity Spirit Culture Club’s goal is to continue this tradition. The Culture Club is made up of employees through out the organization whose job is to coordinate inclusive engaging events for all employees throughout the year. Whether it’s an Easter Raffle for St. Jude or a call-out to share pet pics, the Culture Club will be looking for ways to keep all of us connected to each other.